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Adult Baltic Amber

Adult Baltic Amber

$ 15.99

**Please note: if you purchase your Baltic Amber with additional items which require a production lead time, ALL OF YOUR ITEMS WILL SHIP TOGETHER. If you'd like your BA to arrive first, please purchase the items in separate transactions**

Our beads are imported directly from Lithuania (the Baltic coast); Baltic Amber is a natural remedy for any inflammation, and amazingly effective for inflammation issues. The Amber releases succinic acid when warmed by your the skin, which acts as an anti-inflammatory - reducing pain and swelling. The accessory features a twist-closure to secure them around the neck, wrist, or ankle! The adult sized nursing/fibromyalgia necklaces measures approximately 18" from end to end.

Necklaces are not suitable for sleepwear. Each necklace is individually handmade, therefore patterns and beads may vary slightly.